Aro Buddhist retreats

Aro Weekends

“If you were to fall to your death from a very great height – it would be a shame not to enjoy the view as you fell, or to fail to appreciate the wind in your hair and the warmth of the sun on your face. To experience the raw voltage of being alive requires that we learn to lick honey from the razor’s edge.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

Aro Lamas regularly teach weekend programs. These may be residential or day events, depending on the venue.

Each weekend includes talks, extensive interactive question-and-answer sessions, instruction in specific meditation methods related to the weekend’s topic, and sessions devoted to practicing what has been taught.

Most weekends present one teaching module from a set of more than a dozen. A list of the teaching modules appear below. Click on the name of a module to see a detailed description.

There is no particular order to the curriculum; in most cases, there are no prerequisites, except for a sense of adventure.

In each module description, we list recommended readings—books and sometimes web pages. You will have a deeper understanding and a more exhilarating experience of the weekend if you read these beforehand and come with questions, but this is by no means required. You can click on book titles to learn more about them.

Dzogchen Wonderment & Sheer Vividness
Teachings from a Tradition of Enlightened Women
Passion and the Geography of the Elements
Embracing Emotions as the Path
Heart of the Sun & Moon
Dream Yoga: The Art and Science of Perception
Wearing the Body of Visions
Sky Weaving
sKu-mNyé: moving being
The Method of the Mahasiddhas
The Charnel Ground
Reality: The Vivid, Vivacious, and Volatile Vision
Singing Power into Being
The Terrifyingly Compassionate Gamester
The Song of the Owl Headed Dakini
Compassion Throughout the Nine Yanas
Spontaneous Becoming