The Charnel Ground
Kinkara: the lovers dancing in the charnel ground

The Charnel Ground

Chöd means ‘to sever’ – to sever the illusion that we are merely physical entities. By loosening the bonds of emotional attachment to our bodies, we are liberated from fear – which is the ultimate obstacle to spiritual realisation. In practicing Chöd we learn to dance ferociously and joyfully in the midst of chaos, horror, and death – whether literal death, or simply the death of our hopes.

The founder of Chöd is Machig Labdrön, revered as a foremother of the Aro lineage. The Lamas will teach the melody and quintessential lyrics which comprise the sung Lama’i Naljor (guru yoga) of Machig Labdrön. They will provide general and specific insight into the nature of yogic song – and provide the necessary empowerments for practicing Chöd, the Lama’i Naljor, and Machig Labdrön as a mediation of personal identity (yidam).

“Through cutting addiction to the corporeal form as the major reference point of our expectance; we become free, not only of fear – but of persecutory hope. Hope is often merely fear in disguise – a wretched demon who drives us with the whips and goads in the direction of needless misery. With Chöd we unmask the false hope in our lives and learn to live joyously free from both hope and fear.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

Recommended reading: Illusion’s Game; Machig Labdrön and the Foundations of Chöd

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