Teachings from a Tradition of Enlightened Women
Aro Lingma

Teachings from a Tradition of Enlightened Women

An introduction to the teachings and practices of four important Tibetan yoginis: Yeshé Tsogyel, Machig Labdrön, Jomo Menmo, and Aro Lingma. The Lamas draw the central themes of the inner Tantras from the lives of these enlightened women and their luminous visionary descendants. The human style of the Aro gTér tradition is essentially female – whether taught by women or men. The non-institutional situations in which the Aro tradition arose—and in which it has always been passed on—provides and provokes an ambience of both subtle and profoundly whimsical communication. The teachings are practical and highly applicable, yet tremendously profound – being conveyed as interpenetrating layers that each person understands according to their needs and previous experience.

“The teachings of Aro Lingma are vibrantly concerned with exploding the banality of commonplace existence, through taking everyday life as the basis of practice. Vajrayana is often seen as something apart from life – but the essential meaning of Vajrayana lies within every aspect of existence. If this knowledge cannot be found in the market place – it is unlikely to be found in a monastery.”

Khandro Déchen

Recommended reading: Sky Dancer (read Keith Dowman's commentary, rather than the main text).

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