Embracing Emotions as the Path
Dzogchen trèk-chod liberates the energy of the elemental emotions.  Image courtesy Weatherstock.

Embracing Emotions as the Path

In this second part of a two-part retreat, the Lamas speak about emotions as the powerful dimension of self-liberation, in which we can explode the banal confines of our addiction to the circular treadmill of mediocrity. They introduce the startlingly simple and direct meditation method of Dzogchen trk-chd, through which we can realise the wisdom and energy of the primordial state. The Lamas explain the nature of duality and non-duality in such a way as to break open the mechanism of delusion. Once seen – this delusion, the dictator of neuroses, can never again suppress our natural dignity. Laying bare the cyclic patterns of duality – the Lamas offer a vision of freedom from the self-defeating strategies that rule our lives.

“In order to be real and to dance ecstatically in the dimension of our own individual experience, we need to welcome the raw texture of whatever we may feel.

We need to embrace the energy of our own being with tender ferocity.

We need to take total responsibility for each moment of our innately splendid lives,

if we are to know the real meaning of Tantra as luminously compassionate abandon. The teachings of Tantra are not for those without strong emotions and conspicuous feelings. The emotions are seen as the basis of liberation for those with the courage to plumb their own heights and depths in the practice of spaciousness. Inner Tantra sees our emotions as a dynamic means of finding ourselves face to face with the brilliant spaciousness of our Being.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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