Sky Weaving
Namkha – sky-weaving

Sky Weaving

The Lamas present teachings and practical instructions on creating namkhas, or ‘sky weavings’. ‘Namkha’ is the Tibetan word that means ‘sky’, and also ‘space’, ‘sphere’, or ‘dimension’. In Tantra, we talk of the ‘skies’ of the five elements: earth, water, fire, air and space. Each element is a sky (dimension) of meaning, and each element is associated with an emotional confusion and a liberated energy. Weaving ‘skies’ of coloured wool links our energy with the energy of the elements, through the Tantric craft of sound and vision. The beauty of the sky weaving (empowered through mantra) magnetises personal ‘demons’ (neuroses, fears and obsessions); and releases them within the skies of each element. The Lamas teach namkha in full detail, enabling practical use – giving the empowerment of Ögyen Rig-nga (the five manifestations of Padmasambhava who embody the vibrant functioning of the five elements). They provide penetrating insights into the nature of emotions, revealing the inner meaning of the five Buddha families and the mandala of the five dakinis. The Lamas introduce the male and female aspects of the practice in terms of the dance of the pawo and khandro (daka and dakini: enlightened male and female manifestations). They also teach forms of namkha to be used to harmonise and balance romantic relationships.

“Sky weaving is a way of harmonising the energy of our emotional personalities. Through the ancient practice of winding a woven matrix of threads, empowered through awareness-spell, we can subtly shift our experience of being in ways that profoundly alter our everyday experience.”

Khandro Déchen

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