The Method of the Mahasiddhas
Rang-rig Togden: a Mahasiddha of the Aro lineage

The Method of the Mahasiddhas

The Lamas present an exploration of the rich and dramatic teachings of the Mahasiddhas of ancient India – the foremothers and forefathers of Vajrayana whose radical perspective gave birth to the living lineage of Tantra and Dzogchen. The Mahasiddhas were those who implemented the indivisibility of emptiness and form as the method whereby every nuance of life became practice. The message of the Mahasiddhas lies beyond time and culture – and is as relevant now as it has been in every epoch of the world. The essential meaning of Tantra lies beyond text-chanting, elaborate symbolism, and the performance of ritual. The essential meaning of Dzogchen is not an academic philosophy found in books; it is the immediate experience of non-dual vision. The Lamas will illuminate what it means to live the view in everyday life. The method of the Mahasiddhas can be experienced through every aspect of phenomenal existence: through embracing emotions as the path; the dance of life situations; romantic relationship; and the very act of bare perception itself.

“We have always been enlightened. Our confusion is merely our fear of that fact.

There is nothing more or less to what we are than that which is immediately apparent; but we seem unable to see it. Enlightenment is ours to see, hear, touch, smell, taste, and ideate – but all we seem to sense, is the shifting surface of that vastness. We see reflections, but are blind to the nature of the mirror. We see waves, but fail to experience the ocean. We see clouds, but cannot conceive of the sky.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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