Reality: The Vivid, Vivacious, and Volatile Vision
Dzogchen trèk-chöd reveals the jungle of our emotions as the lucid nature of mind.

Reality – The Vivid, Vivacious, and Volatile Vision

The Lamas will give transmission for the symbolic and non-symbolic methods of trèk-chöd. Trèk-chöd means ‘exploding the horizon of conventional reality’. In the practice of trèk-chöd, distorted emotional energy liberates itself and reveals pure and total presence as the nature of our own Mind. ‘Deity yoga’ is an important aspect of Mahayoga and Anuyoga – but it is less well known that the same visualisation is employed within Dzogchen as a dramatic way of living the view – and of manifesting our enlightened potentiality. The Lamas will give empowerment for Yeshé Tsogyel, Kurukula, and Tsogyel Phurba – the peaceful, joyous, and wrathful ‘Mothers of Intention’. These Aro gTér yidams are both a means of transformation and a way of experiencing the texture of our emotional personalities.

The weekend will also include an introduction to Dzogchen gar-dang (yogic song).

‘Through entering the dimension of ‘The Three Mothers’, we are embraced by their enlightened intentionality; and thereby are empowered to embrace our own states of indifference, obsession, and anger. Within the spacious passion and passionate space of this recognition we are liberated into the space of luminous appreciation, pure lust, and fierce compassion.’

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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