Dzogchen Wonderment & Sheer Vividness
The vast openness of Dzogchen

Dzogchen Wonderment & Sheer Vividness

The Lamas will give direct introduction to the silent sitting meditation methods of Dzogchen sem-dé – the totality teaching of the ‘nature of Mind’. Dzogchen is the most profound – yet simple and immediate of the three inner Tantras. The Lamas describe these ‘nature of Mind’ teachings from the perspective of the pure vision of Aro Lingma, and give transmission to establish the basis for the accomplishment of the practice. Dzogchen is unique in dealing with the experience of being human at the most essential level of perception. The Lamas’ explanation of Dzogchen lays bare the problems which arise through our dualistic vision – and creates a sense of wonderment at the immense possibility for each individual.

“Dzogchen is the everyday magic of being precisely what we are; without drudgery of either fantasy or banal pragmatism. When we discover that it takes fantastic effort to create the frustration and unfulfillment which we experience in our lives; we could easily burst out laughing!”

Khandro Déchen

Recommended reading: Roaring Silence; Dzogchen: The Self-Perfected State.

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