Snapshots of Apprenticeship

To provide a more direct sense of apprenticeship, Aro apprentices have written personal accounts of their experience. These brief essays are in five categories. Each day we present a different essay from each category. Click on the picture of an apprentice to read the corresponding essay. If you come back tomorrow, you will see a new set.


Reflections on Buddhism

Individual thoughts, perceptions, and feelings from apprentices about Buddhism as a way of life – a series of fresh and personal appraisals.


The multifaceted quality of approaches to becoming an apprentice.

Apprentice profile

A diverse selection of the world’s population – with unguarded non-religious insights into how each person is animated and inspired.

Relationship with the Lamas

Intimate accounts of a supportive paradigm that is both ordinary and extraordinary.


Taking the final step into the world of Vajrayana – in which the Lama becomes the focal nature of one’s rationale.