Singing Power into Being
Yogic song

Singing Power into Being

The Lamas introduce the practices of Dzogchen gar-dang—yogic song—in which the subtle resonances of the dimension of sound can be discovered as a method of establishing presence of awareness (rigpa). The Aro songs function through essential energy to re-establish our innate vitality. These dakini songs are not simply dramatic and powerful, they are also melodically beautiful – and to practice them evokes joy. The Lamas introduce the human voice as multicoloured natural potency through which a vast unequivocal knowledge can be spontaneously apprehended. We learn that singing is not simply part of a rich tradition – but an advanced yogic technique which employs the breath to galvanise the subtle body.

‘The sounds of the vulture’s flight are methods of practice. The great white vulture, glides effortlessly above the reach and range of concept. Through these movements, Mind finds itself in its own free Space. The vulture has no fear of terrible heights, because the sky is her natural home.’

Khandro Déchen

Here are some recordings of Aro yogic singing:

Slow Padmasambhava mantra

The Lama’i Naljor of Machig Labdrön

Flight of the Vulture

Recommended reading: we have a full-length article on yogic song, with many more recordings.

Recommended books: Roaring Silence; Dawn of Tantra

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