sKu mNyé


sKu-mNyé (Kumnye) in the Aro gTér Lineage is a system of 111 physical exercises. These ‘massage’ the ‘spatial nerves’ of the energetic body – giving rise to extraordinary sensations. In these nyams it is possible to find the presence of non-dual awareness—rigpa—momentary enlightenment.

The exercises are entirely unlike any other system of movement or exercise. They do not resemble yoga, dance, T’ai Ch’i, or martial arts. They range from gentle to exceedingly difficult. Some can be performed by almost everyone. Others are used by boxers and other athletes in an exercise regimen requiring extreme strength, flexibility, coordination, and aerobic exertion.

The Aro sKu-mNyé is a gTérma of Aro Lingma and belongs to Dzogchen long-dé. The exercises are divided into six series: the movements of the lion, the vulture, the tiger, the eagle, the garuda, and the dragon.

For more, read our web Q&A on sKu-mNyé, see the book Moving Being, or watch the video below.

sKu-mNyé is taught intensively in the weekend programme also called ‘Moving Being’.

Individual sKu-mNyé moves are also often taught at our classes and on other weekend retreats.

Weekly group classes and individual sessions are taught by qualified Aro sKu-mNyé instructors in many locations. Contact your local Aro group to see what is available. The following teachers specialise in sKu-mNyé: