How you can help
Image of Dolgoch Falls, Cadair Idris, courtesy Ngala ’ö-Dzin Tridral

How you can help

We are delighted to receive contributions from those who appreciate our work and wish to support it with their time or money.

The admission fees we charge at events do not come close to covering all our costs. We rely on donations to make up the difference. Please consider becoming a Friend of the Aro gTér Tradition. Please also consider a bequest to the Aro gTér Tradition when preparing your will.

You can donate to the general fund of one of our charities. This enables us to be flexible in response to the ever changing needs we encounter in our work. In recent years in the East we have paid for the housing of Tibetan Lamas in exile in Nepal, established a retreat place for them outside of Kathmandu, and supported the Lhundrüp Tobgyé Ling school for Tibetan children. If you give to a specific project, we guarantee that 100% of your donation will reach the cause you have chosen.

If you shop at,, or, Amazon will donate about 6% of your purchase to the Aro gTér Tradition if you following the special links in this sentence before buying. This applies to anything you purchase within 24 hours of following the links, including clothes, electronics, and gifts. (Of course, using these links does not affect the price Amazon charges you.)

Most events are held in hired venues. We will be able hold a greater number of events—in more suitable surroundings—in our own centres. We are now raising funds to purchase a centre in Britain.

Hosting teaching events entails considerable concrete work. You could contact the local Aro gTér Tradition event organiser and volunteer to assist in the practical details. We welcome help with mailing flyers, putting up and taking down thangkas in the event hall, sweeping the floor afterwards, and so forth.

Most important: please practice. Whatever Buddhist lineage you belong to, or whatever spiritual tradition, your personal practice is of the utmost benefit in the world.