sKu-mNyé: moving being
sKu mNyé

sKu-mNyé – moving being

sKu-mNyé is a system of physical movements which give rise to profound sensations of intimacy with the elements. Various other systems of Tibetan physical exercise are taught in the West (some better known as kum nye) but this sKu-mNyé bears no relation to them. The sKu-mNyé from the Aro gTér is derived from Dzogchen long-dé – the ‘series of the vast expanse’. It is possible that those who are prepared to experience themselves and their world in a different way, may learn that there is a very real and accessible interaction between the inner and outer elements. Once the gentle thunder of this connection has been experienced it is no longer possible to be dominated by: boredom; fear; neurotic obsession; paranoia; or depression.

“The subtle meteorology of being is—in itself—the most profound method of practice. The ‘weather conditions’ within the ‘energetic atmosphere of the body’ are: the soft tread of the immense lion of liberation; the wing feathers of the vulture of effortlessness; the roaring tiger of transcendent temerity, the piercing eye of the eagle of ecstatic ease; the garuda of gargantuan grace; and, the dragon of diaphanous dignity. Through these movements Mind finds itself in its own free space.”

Khandro Déchen

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