Passion and the Geography of the Elements
This mandala of the five natural elements echoes the five enlightened energies within us

Passion and the Geography of the Elements

In this first part of a two-part retreat, the Lamas speak of the mandala of our emotional being as the portal of possibility. The elements—earth, water, fire, air, and space—are a continuum which runs through the conduit of our existence. They animate the world of vision and the world in which we live. The Lamas explore this brilliant matrix with us as we delve into the natural symbolism of the phenomenal world. We learn to see the five Buddha Families as our sense fields and our environment – and our emotions become the language of our appreciative empathetic communication. We can learn directly from the display of the elements which constitute our physical situation. The Lamas introduce the non-conceptual approach of Dzogchen through which we can realise that both our most painful and most joyous emotions, can be allowed to expand into their own innately limitless condition. These teachings are not for those without strong emotions, or without the courage to experience their heights and depths as an opportunity to be totally alive.

“The elements of our world, our bodies, our intelligence, emotion, and vision – are the nexus of noetic nascence. A pretty statement perhaps – but what does it mean? It means we are open to realisation – just as we are. However we are – is where we begin. We need not change how we are, but can simply release that ‘how’ into the dimension of actively appreciative empathy.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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