Compassion Throughout the Nine Yanas
Red is the color of compassion in Tantric symbolism; the sky represents the nature of Mind in Dzogchen.

Compassion Throughout the Nine Yanas

The nine yanas—or vehicles—are the nine-fold approach to the abdication of the tyranny of duality. The Lamas speak of compassion as the central theme in each of the nine yanas – but do so in a way that reveals the variegated nature of compassion as nine rich and subtle dynamics of being. Compassion is far more than gentleness or the altruistic wish to liberate all beings; yet its proper understanding inspires the most simple kindness and infuses it with vigour and playfulness. The Lamas explore the nine yanas as a developmental psychology which makes sense of every stage of spiritual growth. They connect compassion with the practises and views of each yana in such a way as to make Dharma dramatically available to everyone.

“Compassion is not merely the desire to give the whole world a cookie. It is not simply the most profound altruism. Active Compassion is, in fact, only one aspect of Bodhicitta. Each of the six classes of Tantra express this appreciative interactive empathy according to progressively more subtle and vivid criteria. We learn that the compassion we begin by cultivating – is none other than the innate energy of the natural state.”

Ngak’chang Rinpoche

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