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To ‘take refuge’ is to affirm your commitment to Buddhism. The refuge ceremony is a formal acknowledgment of this commitment. Refuge means that you have recognised the fundamental principles of Buddhism as an accurate reflection of reality and that you intend to live according to them.
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Renunciation is the path of Sutrayana. In renunciation, we avoid situations that give rise to negative emotions, in order to stop the emotions themselves. The result of renunciation is the peace of emptiness. Compare transformation and self-liberation.
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The result of a yana is the condition you enter into after fully accomplishing its path.
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In Dzogchen, direct perception of non-duality. According to the Dzogchen view, continuing rigpa is enlightenment.
The Tibetan spelling is rig pa.
root vows
The fourteen root vows are the primary vows (damtsig) of Tantric ordination.