Aro Dictionary

The Sanskrit term for empowerment.
The second of the inner Tantras. It is concerned primarily with transformation through instantaneous self-arising and through the manipulation of the subtle body.
Aro Lingma
Aro Lingma (1886-1923) was the female Lama who discovered the Aro gTér (térma) and founded the Aro lineage. Aro Lingma was a pure-vision Tértön.
The Tibetan spelling is A ro gLing ma.
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Synonymous with Dzogchen. The term ‘Atiyoga’ is used when classifying yanas in terms of the nine-yana Nyingma system. In that system, Atiyoga is regarded as the third of the inner Tantras. Dzogchen is the term used within the Dzogchen’s own three-yana categorisation.