Aro Dictionary

Lama’i naljor
A practice in which the meditator’s mind is unified with that of an enlightened being.
The Tibetan spelling is bLa ma’i rNal ’byor.
The equivalent Sanskrit term is guru yoga.
Lhatong literally means ‘superior vision’ in Tibetan. It refers to the experience of form as emergent from emptiness, or to meditation methods that aim to find that experience.
The Tibetan spelling is lhag mThong.
The equivalent Sanskrit term is vipashyana.
A stream of enlightened activity passed from one Lama to the next in an unbroken chain. There are three types of links in lineages: from teachers to students; from parents to children (family lineage); and from one rebirth to the next (incarnation lineage).
The second of the three series of Dzogchen. Long-dé is the Series of the Great Expanse or Series of Space. It is primarily concerned with the experience of the subtle body.
The Tibetan spelling is kLong sDe.