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Machig Labdrön
Machig Labdron (1055-1152; also spelt Ma gÇig Labdrön) was the enlightened female Lama who established chöd as a central Tibetan Buddhist practice. She is venerated as one of the foremost foremothers of the Aro lineage. Her Lama’i Naljor is the most frequently practiced in Aro.
The Tibetan spelling is ma gCig lab sGron.
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A Tantrika whose enlightenment manifests as extraordinary powers (siddhis). Particularly, the 84 Indian mahasiddhas known from the earliest records of Tantrayana. The stories of the 84 mahasiddhas are inspiring for modern practitioners because of their diverse ways of life and of realisation.
The Buddhist approach, or yana, that emphasises selfless action on behalf of others. Synonymous with ‘Bodhisatvayana’. From the Dzogchen perspective, Mahayana is a part of Sutrayana.
The first of the three inner Tantras. It is concerned primarily with inner and outer transformation through ritual performance.
The third series of Dzogchen. It is the Series of Implicit Instruction. The men-ngag-dé teachings are ‘self-secret’ because if you have the necessary meditational experience they make perfect sense – but otherwise are completely incomprehensible.
The Tibetan spelling is man ngag sDe.