I admit it. I love adventure – things that require skill and technique: expertise with, and acquisition of equipment; careful training; calculated risks and worst case scenarios; years of applied effort towards certain goals; and, reliance on a partner or team with my very life. I always wondered what the ultimate adventure would be. I have always been looking for it. I think intuition has always known—in a whispered way—what it was. With apprenticeship, intuition spoke loudly. I realized this could be it. It had all the ingredients for the ultimate adventure. Big adventure makes me feel incredibly alive. There is tremendous effort and commitment. The outcome is not known. I may win or lose – but I act with as much integrity and respect as I can, so there really is no failure. To experience and change with a method and teachers to guide me on the deepest and experientially vast journey imaginable. Something my mind could not even conceive of? This sounds like the ultimate adventure. And the proof that it could be my adventure was finding that the teachers were already living the ultimate adventure.

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