Apprentice profile

Born in the US in 1960. I live with my wife Yé-tsal Khandro. 23 years married and our daughter Grace is now 15. We live in the San Francisco Bay Area, California, and host weekly meetings of the local Sangha in the shrine room in our home. I work for a university as the safety officer – and facilities manager for the largest building on a very large campus, 500,000 square feet of biology laboratories and classrooms. I love riding horses; sailing my dinghy on the Bay; gardening; building stuff; playing bagpipes; wielding large chainsaws; driving my old Landcruiser; and, listening to Frank Zappa and Captain Beefheart. History fascinates me and I am researching the Tibetan ‘dark ages’ while I have access to the university’s huge collection. I have studied classical Tibetan and look forward to having time for that again soon. I hope to retire in the Big Sky country of Montana where I can split wood, get lost in the mountains, and see unconstrained bears and lions. I came to Aro after a long search in the vast California spiritual bazaar, after six years in another Nyingma organization, and about ten years in other traditions before that. I became an apprentice in 1992.

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