Apprentice profile

Born in 1967 – currently living alone in Bristol. I come from the mixture of Irish Catholicism and bohemianism. I grew up in London and rural South-West Ireland. I am a visual artist; best known for working in the areas of performance art, live art and bio art. I lecture in fine art and drama departments. I have been fortunate to travel to stunning parts of the world to show my work and meet extraordinary people. Western Australia and Slovenia are two favourite locations. I am studying Iyengar yoga method to acquire a teaching qualification. It makes me flexible and strong and has tremendous therapeutic potential for many conditions. I am also learning to ride, coming from a long line of equestrian women. The equestrian gene has perhaps skipped me but I persevere because I love it and there is a passion for riding in the Aro sangha. I have an irrational and insatiable passion for shoes and boots from the unfeasibly glamorous to the plain and functional and indulge it when the opportunity arises. I collect books and read widely from seriously trashy vampire novels to the exquisite writings of Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen.

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