Relationship with the Lamas

The Lamas see life as-it-is. Their picture is not distorted by emotional neediness; they have no ‘axe to grind’. Their view is broader, deeper, extending to past and future. The Lamas’ perception – even when startlingly different from my own – can be trusted. A critical aspect of my relationship with the Lamas is that they offer me a view that is grounded, upon which I can rely. Rather than being unable to engage whole-heartedly with life, due to conflict, self-doubt, and judgementalism, I can trust the Lamas’ perception and move forward. And so, if they see basic goodness in me; if they trust me; if they see me worthy; if they see my potential for growth and change and becoming, then I have no more excuse for hanging back. If they see others that way, that perception is available to me as well. If they say that one can shout ‘Different!’ and drop habitual responses, then why not do so? The Lamas have thrown a monkey-wrench into my old story-lines; they have made my habitual patterns transparent; they have shown me life is workable, that life flourishes in the absence of resentment and regret.

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