Relationship with the Lamas

They remind me to breathe when I complain a lack of oxygen. They point out the glass of water in front of me when I say I am thirsty. They do not disappear or abandon me when I am being an idiot. They simply help me to change and grow out of my idiocy. They enable me to see the simple things I somehow fail to see. It is the perfect moment when they are both present and the world seems complete – but I don’t quite know yet what to do with a complete world. They make me alert to things. When my Lamas talk, the words are alive. I see the colours, smell the smells, and feel the air inside and beyond the words. They are my inspiration. Whether I am far away on the other side of the world or in the same room, I keep them in my heart. Their image in my heart is the reminder of the teachings in the middle of any circumstance into which I am thrown.

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