E-mailing the Lamas from Afar is a collection of email exchanges between Aro teachers and their students. These provide advice on real situations faced by Aro students � which are generally similar to those faced by everyone. These dialogs are also useful in giving a sense of what Membership and apprenticeship are like.

The name is a play on a traditional Tibetan prayer title, �Calling the Teacher from Afar�. In Tibet it was common for students to see their teachers only once a year. For many Aro students, scattered about the world, this still may be true. We are fortunate to live in a time in which email and other technologies make regular contact with distant teachers possible.

A similar collection of email exchanges is now also available as a book. The book includes some of the same discussions found here, and some different ones.

Drinking the wine of the situation
double rainbow
Strange and unbelievable
Insurance is not available
A blind alley
The 'ten second problem'
Sudden enlightenment
Great expectations
They spook from time to time
the path is the goal
Here's to boredom!
Peace and quiet
The malodorous security of last night's curry
New York taxis and the world's axis
Panic is not an option
The Little Buddha
They may as well have kissed Barney Rubble
The technique could become a tourniquet
Opening ourselves to the unlikely
Is that not dualistic?
conceptual sausages
I am the last person you should trust
Sulkiness, sullenness, and surliness
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