Ngakma Yeshé Wangmo
Ngakma Yeshé Zértsal

Ngakma Yeshé Zértsal

In the late 1960s—in Greenwich Village—I picked up a book entitled Zen. It was a small book left as an impulse item on the checkout counter. I was drawn to the word, leafed through the book – but left the shop without buying it. Sometime later, I learned meditation instruction from another book that described sitting, counting exhalations until ten, and returning to one. During my first exhalation I fell in love with practice.

For the ten years that I lived in and worked for a Zen community I longed for an authentic human connection to silent sitting practise - and a genuine introduction to the nature of Mind. One evening in 1992, I found what I was longing for - Ngak’chang Rinpoche, Khandro Déchen, Vajrayana, the Aro lineage. That’s me. I love my Lamas and the teachings and practises they make available. I love everything about the Vajrayana Buddhism they have opened through their direct contemporary language and immediacy of presentation. They make my practise and study a great deal of fun - while directing me into the heart of the ultimate engagement.

I have worked in hospice for many years and currently live in Rockland County, New York with my husband Bill and two Bichon Frises - Moon and Arlo.

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