Dream Yoga
Dream Yoga

Dream Yoga

and the Practice of Natural Light

By Namkhai Norbu

We spend a third of our lives asleep. It is important not to waste the spiritual opportunities this time offers. In this clearly-written book Chögyal Namkhai Norbu Rinpoche sets forth the Dzogchen teachings on the night practices of dream yoga and natural light, including the different physical postures and visualisations they involve. He explains how to distinguish our usual karmic dreams from the dreams of clarity that can arise as we practice, and how we can work with our energy to develop lucidity in our dreams.

Norbu Rinpoche also explains how the practices of sleep help us prepare for death. He introduces the method of bardo, in which we come to understand that we die in every moment. As we develop proficiency in practice during our sleep we become better able to practice during our death.

The book contains fascinating examples of Norbu Rinpoche’s dreams and an informative interview with the author.

This book is a valuable support to those who have received instruction on dream yoga and the associated bardo practices from the Aro gTér.

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