An Odd Boy Volume 4
Odd Boy Vol4

An Odd Boy Volume 4

By Doc Togden

Volume four of an odd boy begins in Bristol, England, and ends in Heights Café in Brooklyn, New York. The author conjoins the cerebrally rarified Claudette Gascoign and joins a household with her three friends—music and drama students—and explores Jazz-Classical fusion – for three years, returning to the lost time of the late ’60s. He finds a superlative mentor in Derek Crowe and is facilitated to create his own BA degree curriculum. At the end of his sojourn at Bristol Art School, he finds himself at the crossroads again. He takes to the road – this time bound for the Himalayas. After a hiatus of thirty years the road brings him back – almost to where he began. He encounters Maxwell Jefferson, a Blues bass player and member of the Federation of Black Cowboys. Their meeting marks the end of a journey, a coming-home, the culmination of a vision, and the start of an adventure that has no end. Welcome home.

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