Ngakpa Trögyal Dorje

Ngakpa Trögyal Dorje

Ngakpa Trögyal Dorje was ordained by Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen in 2000. Asking for transmission in phurba practice, Trögyal was told by his Root Lamas that it was good to actually make implements – so he spends time every year studying arts and craft. He attends the annual thangka painting retreats held by his Root Lamas and is engaged in a six-year training as a blacksmith and metal worker.

In 2003 Ngakpa Trögyal built an Aro monumental phurba in Forchtenstein under the guidance of his Lamas. Ngakpa Trögyal’s next project is building a Dorje Tröllö Phurba, according to the Aro gTér, which will contain a huge Tröllö face in its handle.

He is inspired by the life and work of Akyong Düd’dül Dorje, who was known for his deftness in carving and for the perfection of the expression which he gave to the wrathful faces on the phurbas he made. Ngakpa Trögyal has taken up studying at the Austria State Wood Carving Academy; combining the old Austrian ‘Perchten technique’ with Vajrayana iconography. In the long term Ngakpa Trögyal is engaged in forging the vajra weapons of the Aro gTér.

Trögyal works as head physician of a large clinic in Eisenstadt; he is a trained specialist in pain therapy and rehabilitation and has as such long term experience in acupuncture, homeopathy, and osteopathy.

As much as forging white glowing iron mercilessly demands wholehearted passion and utter precision, dealing with human beings in heavy pain ignites the same kindness and awareness. Being confronted with people in extreme situations of pain and stress Ngakpa Trögyal cannot help but keep in mind the root vow ‘never fail to act in a disastrous situation’.

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