Naljorma Rin’dzin Pamo
Naljorma Rin’dzin Pamo paragliding with a vulture; Pokhara, Nepal

Naljorma Rin’dzin Pamo

Naljorma Rin’dzin Pamo was ordained in 2002 by Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen. She attended her first Buddhist meditation retreat in India in 1990, and practised with different Buddhist groups in Britain prior to taking apprenticeship with lamas in the Aro gTér.

Rin’dzin blogs at Vajrayana Now. She mentors new apprentices and students in the Aro gTér Membership programme by online video and email.

Rin’dzin is a physically active pamo. She has trained in the martial arts, in grappling and the yogic exercises of the Ling Gésar gTerma.

Communication with birds is an aspect of Rin’dzin’s practice. She loves birds and will seize any opportunity to disappear into the wilderness with a pair of binoculars. In the picture she is paragliding with an Egyptian vulture.

Rin’dzin is bisexual and has written for Vajra Rainbow and explored the possibilities of practising the Aro teachings on vajra romance in same sex and heterosexual relationship.

She says:

“There are many practices and opportunities in The Aro gTer and Ling Gésar systems. Navigating them can sometimes be daunting for newcomers. I’d like to help people new to the lineage figure out whether and how they might fit.

Heinrich Harrer once said that the clarity and freshness he had high up on a mountainside was the same quality of experience that he felt in the presence of his teacher. The teaching he received was experiential, down-to-earth and practical, but helped him make profound changes in his relationship with the world and other humans. This was my experience of involvement with the Aro gTér lamas. I'd like to open a door for newcomers, into a colourful, rich and exciting tradition so they too can experience practice changing their lives.”

Rin’dzin qualified in international diplomacy. She won an award for her post-graduate research at London School of Economics, analyzing high-tech graduate statistics in China and India in the context of R&D development policy. She worked in international social and economic rights and community development, trained in Gestalt psychotherapy, and founded a supported paid employment initiative for psychiatric service users in Britain. She subsequently worked as a Programme Director for Amnesty International.

She takes a pragmatic approach to answering questions based in practice.

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