Membership Rules of Sang-ngak-chö-dzong

Section 8

8.1 There must be at least three members at all times.

8.2 The Charity must maintain a Register of Members in accordance with company law requirements from time to time. All admissions to membership and all cessations of membership (for whatever reason) shall be recorded in the Register of Members of the Charity in accordance with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006.

8.3 The first members of the Charity were the subscribers stated in the application to incorporate the Charity who became members on incorporation of the Charity.

8.4 Subsequent to incorporation such other persons as the Trustees shall admit to membership of the Charity shall become members of the Charity.

8.5 Only persons with independent legal identity shall be admitted to membership and, in the case of individuals, only persons aged 16 years or over shall be admitted to membership. Subject to that, membership of the Charity is open to any individual or organisation interested in promoting the charitable purposes who:

8.5.1 Applies to the Charity in the form required by the Trustees; and

8.5.2 Consents in writing to become a member either personally (in the case of an i ndividual) or through an authorised representative (in the case of an organisation); and

8.5.3 Is approved by the Trustees.

8.6 Membership applications must be determined within two months of the date on which they are received by the Charity. Written notification of the decision on an application shall be sent to the applicant as soon as practicable after that decision is taken.

8.7 The Trustees may establish different classes of membership, prescribe their respective privileges and duties and set the amounts of any initial subscription and any subsequent annual subscriptions. Provided that any rights of membership relating to the Charity as a company must be in accordance with the Articles.

8.8 Membership is terminated if the member concerned:

8.8.1 Resigns; or

8.8.2 Dies, in the case of an individual; or

8.8.3 Is wound up, dissolved or otherwise ceases to exist, in the case of an organisation; or

8.8.4 Is more than six months in arrear in paying the relevant subscription, if any (but in such a case the member may be reinstated on payment of the amount due); or

8.8.5 Is removed from membership by resolution of the Trustees on the ground that in their reasonable opinion the member’s continued membership is harmful to the Charity. The Trustees may only pass such a resolution after notifying the member in writing and considering the matter in the light of any written representations which t he member concerned puts forward within 14 clear days after receiving notice.

8.9 Members shall be subject to any rules made by the Trustees in respect of the conduct of members and the use of any facilities or services provided by the Charity and shall be subject to any disciplinary provisions of any such rules.

8.10 Membership of the Charity is not transferable.