Media file upload

Media management

To upload media files (.mp3 audio, .jpg phots, or anything else you’d like to associate with an event), you must be an ‘event organiser’, you must be logged in to the event management system, and you must have FTP access.

Sangha members can make themselves event managers by logging into the subscriptions management system, going to ‘email list options’, turning on ‘event organisers’, and Subscribe.

You can log into the event management system here.

FTP is a very simple program that lets you drag the media files from your computer to our web server. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it can set you up with FTP access if you don’t have it.

To upload media for an event, the first thing is to find its page if it already exists. Use the ‘including past events’ checkbox to search history.

If the event is already in the database, and you are logged in, when you click on it you will see a Create Media Archive button. Click it. It will prompt you for optional media notes (with instructions), and will tell you exactly where to FTP the files to.

After you have save the notes and uploaded the files, you should see them when you view the event in the media archive section.

If the event is not already in the database, you will need to create a retrospective record for it. You can do this just as you would create a future event. If you don’t have a record of the precise date, you can simply note that in Schedule Details, and put in an approximate Start Date.

If you can spare the time, it is good to fill in the retreat description. The reason is that words in it will be found by the search function. With hundreds of retreats in the archive, it is good to be able to find all the discussions of (say) bardos. Retreats without descriptions may effectively get lost.

Generally, you can steal the text for public retreat descriptions from the public retreat pages. (Do View > Source and pull out the relevant bit of HTML.)

If feasible it is also good to give a summary of apprentice retreat topics as the description in that case. The software hides apprentice retreat descriptions from non-Sangha, so it is OK to mention topics that are not public.