Ngakpa Zhal’mèd Yé-rig
Ngakpa Zhal’mèd Yé-rig

Ngakpa Zhal’mèd Yé-rig

Ngakpa Zhal’mèd was drawn to Buddhism early in life and started practising meditation in his late teens. He became a student of Ngala Nor’dzin and Ngala ‘ö-Dzin shortly after and was ordained in 2004 by Ngak’chang Rinpoche and Khandro Déchen.

His day to day practise is based in the silent sitting meditations, the Four Naljors. He leads a monthly meditation group in Paris for participants to gain practical experience of silent sitting. The group is open to anyone, both newcomers and those with established sitting experience.

As a Ngakpa, Zhal’mèd has engaged extensively in the practise of mantra, in and out of solitary retreat. He has been studying Phurba practise – including the making of implements – with Ngakpa Trögyal in Austria, and, in order to develop some practical skills, has taken a number of forging and metalwork classes.

Ngakpa Zhal’mèd works as a consultant and manager in a communications firm and is therefore well aware of the stresses of the corporate world – but also of the opportunity it offers to experience the vivid dance of emptiness and form. He lives and works in Paris, and, as a native French speaker, is translating the tradition’s teachings into French.

Ngakpa Zhal’mèd a déjà traduit de nombreux enseignements de la lignée Aro et tente de rendre cette tradition accessible à ceux qui maitrisent peu ou pas la langue anglaise. Il est donc disponible pour échanger en Français avec ceux qui le souhaitent.

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