Relationship with the Lamas

The relationship with my Lamas is the most important relationship in my life. As I love my wife more than I could possibly love anything in the world, this may sound strange. At the same time it is rather obvious to me that that I would not enjoy my relationship with my wife as much as I do without the teachings, advice and living example of my Lamas. Everything truly valuable I know was taught or evoked by them – and, is constantly pointed out by them. Without Lamas I would be a laborious part-time sentimentalist in the circus of life – trying with mixed success to juggle a constantly changing assortment of objects. A juggler who never gave up – but one who never managed to hold onto anything true or valuable for more than a fraction of a second. As is typical within Aro, I am able to spend time with the Lamas in many different situations – from formal situations on public teaching events to informal situations like going out for dinner, cooking together or working in the garden. This offers the possibility not only to hear teachings, but to actually see them happening in a direct way. Being in the company of the Lamas in various situations and perceiving their actions and reactions is extremely informative and offers constant insights into the meaning of the teachings.

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