I “bumped into” the Aro gTér lineage without any background of Buddhist practice. I had not been looking for a spiritual home intentionally, but got hooked right away and felt that I wanted to take a closer look. In my wildest dreams I wouldn't have imagined what came out of that decision. Looking back, I can say that my whole life turned around. The beginning of my apprenticeship was quite challenging, as I had to learn everything from scratch: what Buddhist practice is all about, why I need all these musical instruments and ritual implements, and what it means to belong to a sangha. To relate to a teacher or Lama in this context was a whole adventure in itself. Another crucial point was to commit to Buddhist practice and find out if it really works for me. I was lucky – it did, so I moved on, and developed confidence in the teacher, lineage and practice. Moreover, I found a partner who became an apprentice as well, so that my husband and I can practice together in the same lineage and have become disciples of the same Lamas.

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